Axieinfinity Rewards
Claim 25 RON & 1 AXIE
Free 25 RON & 1 Axie
accepted claim
just for player have axie

What is Axieinfinity?

Axie Infinity is a “Pokémon-inspired” digital universe and blockchain gaming platform for creating digital environments and raising pets known as “Axies”. Skilled gamers can earn Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) by contributing to the platform and participating in battles and tournaments with their pets. Axie Infinity allows users to trade NFTs and exchange in-game items, with more than 25,000 ETH traded within the Axie Infinity Marketplace. Also, Axie Infinity is ranked as the #1 Ethereum game with over 19,000 monthly active users, and more than 6,400 ETH generated in revenue! Furthermore, Axie Infinity, along with the Axie Infinity token (AXS) allows players to monetize digital property ownership and brings a great deal of utility to the platform.

How does it work?

Ronnin wallet connects web applications to supported mobile wallets. RoninWalletConnect session is started by a scanning a QR code (desktop) or by clicking an application deep link (mobile).


Multiple iOS and Android wallets support the RoninWallet protocol. Interaction between mobile apps and mobile browsers are supported via mobile deep linking.